Overall stats about Goal 10 in Sweden
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targets with data available for at least one indicator

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indicators with data available for Sweden

indicator coverage for Goal 10 in Sweden


Sweden currenty has data on these targets for Goal 10.

Target 10.1

Reduce Income Inequalities

1/1 covered

Target 10.2

Promote Universal Social, Economic and Political Inclusion

2/3 covered

Target 10.3

Ensure Equal Opportunities and End Discrimination

0/1 covered

Target 10.4

Adopt Fiscal and Social Policies that Promotes Equality

2/2 covered

Target 10.5

Improve Regulation of Global Financial Markets and Institutions

1/1 covered

Target 10.6

Ensure Representation for Developing Countries in Financial Institutions

0/1 covered

Target 10.7

Compassionate and Responsible Migration Policies

1/4 covered

Target 10.a

Special and Differential Treatment for Developing Countries

0/1 covered

Target 10.b

Development Assistance and Investment in Least Developed Countries

1/1 covered

Target 10.c

Reduce Transaction Costs for Migrant Remittances

0/1 covered

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Income (Wealth)
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Indikatorn tas fram för att mäta hur inkomstutvecklingen ser ut bland de 40 procent av befolkningen som har lägst inkomst, och om dessa närmar sig resterande delar av befolkningen, det vill säga de 60 procent av befolkningen med högst inkomst.

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